August 14, 2011

Life keeps us busy when all is well!

Hell yeah! When all is well, you dont ear from me. I have been granted a very good year for 2011. Jack is still my muse! I got a super interesting job in the winter and for the first time in almost 6 years, i  dont work on the weekends! So free weekends means VAYCAYCAY! 

We got to go in my hometown of Mingan (Ekuanitshit) and went camping on our islands. They are unique for their special climate, geology and whale passageway!  
 We had so much fun during our two days of camping on Quarry Island! Guess why they call it that...
I even got the luck of catching wild ribs, they where running by and i was fearless!
This was the night we had a private island for ourselves! No one else on the campsite until the morning. Martha's Vineyards eat my short!

WISH OF THE DAY : Get more sun in before summer is out!!!!!