February 28, 2011

My other blog!

Finaly, it's here! My Montreal restaurant's blog. I've been elaborating this project with my husband for a while now. It's in french and it's about being two food lovers! Because we love to eat and we are good at it.

February 25, 2011

I want spring!!!

As i am visiting different blogs, i see that spring is arriving in some places. But here it is CANADA. Soooo.... I can still wait for at least two months before that wish is granted. So what's left? Shopping for summer clothes!
I did find a couple of accessories while thrifting. The belt will become a Ipod case and a wrist band. The tie has nice sail boats on it. Still thinking of how i'll be changing that one. The scarab necklace is so cool! But to big, so that too will change.  Please come early, Spring!

February 20, 2011

The sweet life

Back and better! Still got a croaking voice... I'm glad to be back in town. I hopped from town to town for my work, animation and filming. But now, i just want to enjoy my home! Saturday, on my trip back from my last trip in East-Broughton, visiting my husbands family, we stopped in a gas bar and found candies of my youth!!! I did a rampage, and bought all those candies i had'nt seen in years! One of the strangest i used to buy where these wax pop bottle.
You would bite off the top of the bottle and suck the juice out. I used to chew on wax for hours. Might explain a lot a things... : s
The taste is close to one of a warm popsicle. And there is not a lot of juice, it's mostly wax... But still, it brought out memories.
Food takes a lot a place in my life, i guess in everyboby's life. As i was in Trois-Rivières, i got to go to a good sushi restaurant wich is named Sushi Taxi. God those were good sushis!!! It was so good that when i was in Quebec, i had them delivered to my hotel room. *LOVE*
 So these arrived and i got to stuff my face. The sushi pizza was particularily delicious. They also had different sauces, different levels of spicy and sweet.

So now i'm going back to watching The Exorcist while eating candies. And that my friend is a weird mix...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get my art stuff inventoried this week.

February 13, 2011

All hail Morgan! Queen of the sea! Aaarrrrrr!

You know how sometimes you accumulate tons of cute fabric, lace and ribbons for no particular reason except the fact that they are gorgeous. I tend to collect a lot! Yesterday was a good day for that stash. I made a sundress and a beach bag for my niece's big 1st birthday. Since she is named Morgan in honor of the queen of pirates, i tend to do he nautical theme for her. I had a cool boat square from a batch of quilt squares i found while thrifting, it finaly served me good, for i made her a bag (i could have kept it!Gnark!Gnark!Gnark!) For the sundress, it's totally inspired by SOULEMAMA's book, Handmade Home
In there, there is a totally cool baby sundress made out of a pillowcase. I had a case that i fell in love with, just needed the occasion.
I used some blue and white lace to do some "3D" waves. (I think i found myself a little to clever on that one...) I love doing stuff for the kids!!! And now that there is half a dozen children in our family, it makes for a lot of birthdays to cover!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Enjoy the Carnaval de Québec, while i'm up there. 

February 12, 2011

Try a little tenderness...

This song from Otis Redding is what helped me feel better these last days. When i was a young girl, my mom would make us watch Pretty in pink. Except for the part where she made her own clothes, i love when Duckie does this song.

Today, i'm starting to get my voice back, wich is PRIMORDIAL since i'm filming on monday. For the rest of the day i'll be crafting and memorizing my texts. My husband, who is also sick, is attending shows in the same City as me! Yeahhh! So let's all meet up in Quebec City for the Carnaval!!!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get  better!!!

February 09, 2011

Finaly...Ebola won...

Flu + stomach flu + cold + voice extinction = maybe the worst of all my winters!

Yes i have been silenced by all of this. Imagine a communication officer that cant communicate... I think my body is telling me something. I'm getting old and i cant keep up as i used to. So now my weekends must be used to recuperate and not to work some more!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Health...please....