December 30, 2010

Princess and Thrifting lovin'!

BÉ has come to craft with me. My husband thinks that it might be our lack of playing with Barbies that make us go Princess on her daughter. So we got our fingers working!

She got a crown...
A star necklace...
A star bracelet and a tule rose pin...

And since she is also an Indian Princess, i'm making her a oh so not PC headress!
Piggies in their blanket snack...
And she got a hairpiece with a P for Phoenix and Princess in this case!

Today, we had friends over for brunch. In the afternoon we went over to the town to go thirfting!!! I think i was very good. Only 10$ of 50% off Christmas decorations, a Miss Piggy head and Copies of Martha Stewart's Living. It's the very last and final time i hrift for Christmas decorations...This year!

Tired of our day we had some coco...
A little computer time and we are getting ready for tomorow's turkey party!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Have a good New Year!

December 28, 2010

Ima pwinssess..

My niece as been all about being a Princess lately, so much that she flutter's her eyelashes and poses. Being  an ex-princess myself, i invited my sister to come over tomorrow and we'll start making a princess kit for her. Soooo... Of course i need ispiration! I roamed the net and found a couple of advertisement from the perfume i wear. Camilla Belle is so Princessy!
I also found two blogs that are totally princessy to. So i'll be posting orgies of sprinkles and pink!!! I'm going to work on it now!
The art of indecision blog

*WISH OF THE DAY* Take my vacation slowly

December 27, 2010

Christmas is over!!

Another year with Christmas passing over faster than you can say Bahumbug! God i wish i could see the season go slowly as when i was my niece and nephew's age...

We kinda just had made a small gift exchange for the adults. I got frames and a terrific antique shaing mirror from my brother-in-law. But i had more fun seeing the kids open their's. They jumped on me and opened my present without asking when Santa put it in my arms. I figured that if i did'nt move they would let me live...
I also received from my father-in-law a super cool beaver skull! He said people at is job did'nt believe that is son's wife REAALLLLY wanted to get a beaver skull for x-mass. Oh yes! Was i happy to get it! My husband made me one of my favorite treats in the universe : Sugar flavored with vanilla beans!
He's so sweet! He went out to get the beans just to do it for me! I love him!
I remember feeling, as a kid,  that Christmas was soooo far away! But is till get to enjoy the excitement threw them. They made my night on the 24th! Love them!!!!

*WISH OF THE DAY* That next year i get to buy gift for my own kid ; )

December 23, 2010

Baby rats, baby humans and still thriffting for Christmas!!!

We thought we had just purchased a new fat rat. No! She was preggers!!! We had 11 cuteness on december 17th. My sister's (BÉ)birthday!!! Son in her honour, we'll name them B1, B2, B3... Sadly, one of the baby did'nt make it through the night. But i'm still buzzing around the others in hope thy'll get bigger. I know people are'nt crazy about haireless rats, but i cant stop loving them. It's the only animal that as never bitten or hurt me. So, hail all rats!
Christmas is also about friends and human kids. So we got together with our friend Louise and her bor Felix and made tons of homemade cookies! I'm particularly proud of "My friend Willy" cookie i made her, complete with a little Jessie on the back.
The day before we went to the McCord Museum to visit an exhibition on toys that was super! We got to play around and the exhibit was fun for young kids.
Felix was so terrified by the puppets, but in less than an hour he understood how they worked and all was good in Toyland!
Even if i had promised to stop buying thrifted items for Christmas, i sill got to go to the Salvation Army and found vintage lights and a old wired Santa.
Still, since it only costed me 1,50$, i dont think it counts...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Stop spending before Christmas, since i have all i need.

December 12, 2010

Chritstmas thrifting!!!!

This is what happens to my house when i get around town and thirft for old decorations!!! JOY!!!
I went a bit overboard but i like it! Now that decorating is over, i'm up to getting my crafting going. Jack is getting a scarf soon.

Now i am getting to chill with my dog!

December 04, 2010

Christmas, love and crafts!

Christmas is around the corner!!! So after breakefast with the family, it started snowing hard! So since it's my last chance of closing up the courtyard, me and Jack went to do everything outside that needed to be finished for the winter. But guess who played in shallow snow and got icky smelly of poo???
A good shower and we started doing some decoration inside the house.
Still aint perfect yet, bu we are not yet decided if we'll put up a tree this year or just do some wreath or assemblage around the house... Or some settings with themes...
Or tons of christmas bowls of balls...
I'll have to do a lot of crafting for my pleasure...YEAHHH!
My last project in the making is a traditional bandolier bag that looks a little like this one.
Here is the beadwork that i already finished. I decided not to do the raised beadworks, but to use the crouched one, it last longer. And since i am beading in front of th TV every evening... My husband says that he never thought he'd meet people that liked to use tiny needles to thread tiny beads. He still goes crazy when he finds beads in the crack of the couch. Beats smarties if you ask me!!!!
*WISH OF THE DAY* On the seventh day she rested!