January 15, 2010

Busy New Year!

We had on of those busy New Years. Two weeks of party, mingling, kid's birthdays and wedding planning! We changed our date and place for the wedding. Behold an historical protected cabaret! Le Lion d'Or!

We'll be having our cocktail wedding there! The ceremony might happen in the park where we first dated. Sooo romantic : )
For my niece Phoenix, I made a bag for her out of a recycled rice bag, Phoenix Brand, so the design and name on the bag are like her's.
My niece and nephew had to take turn to put on the bag. They both like to wear one.
You can even follow the instruction for cooking rice on the back of the bag.
We also had friends over for dinner and roasted some marshmallow in our fireplace.
All in all, it was a good two weeks.

WISH OF THE DAY : Be less stressed about the wedding

January 02, 2010

Happy New Year and toy galore!

I'm back from the Christmas Tour '09! Happy New Year!

I got to do a lot of crafts during the last month. I forgot to take pics of some of the gifts i made for my nieces, nephews and others. But I got to make a lot of peeps happy! That's the best part of christmas. I'll be posting the pics soon.
One of the fun things, i got to do, was babysitting my niece that came over from 12 hoour car drive away. We made optic toys. I love simple handmade toys, it's always the ones that stick in our memories.

Super nice toy and template from the Museum of Childhood
I also found this site with templates for paper toy!

Fantastic Toys - Five toys PDF