November 29, 2009

Plush you!

Yesterday, I took a break from writting, to make a plush for my friend's baby. Took me an afternoon to make this hare. What bugs me his that I had previously crocheted a head for the plush and i could'nt find it! I started from zero, but still i'm happy with the results.
I also went to Indigo and found this cute book! Gives great ideas for future crafts. But now I go back to my writting.

WISH OF THE DAY : Tomorrow make cookies from my Martha Stewart's mag. *granted*

November 27, 2009

Thifting! And horrible cuteness (sigh*)

It's fantastic what 20$ can get you when thrifting around. I know i said i would stop buying materials and craft stuff. But i cant. Ribbons, laces and doilies are porno for the soul! But i did manage to stop buying new materials, i stick to the thrifted kind.I also got to say in my defense, that we are on our way to preparing our wedding, and we are sticking to a lot of crafting for decorations and centerpieces. Our theme is a camping garden-party! We'll have kitsch and good taste clashing, like ballet and mexican wrestling!
Talking of porno of the soul... Me and my futur husband (so good to the ear!!!) we where discussing how the hell our pets got to take such a big place in our daily lives. I was running around our pics and i found the answer. Enjoy!

WISH OF THE DAY : Sort pictures of last 4 years! And print some.

November 21, 2009

Twilight sighting, disco bowling and wedding date!!!

Yesterday, I was running around town with my baby brother and guess what?!? Twilight sighting in Montreal! I was waiting on a stoop and I got to see Marcus (aka : Christopher Hayerdahl). I look kinda geeky asking him "if he was the guy in Twilight". But he was nice answering back that yes he was. It kinda was a big night, since it was my sister in-law's birthday and we went to disco bowling wich was pretty cool. My arms hurts today. But the best of that day, was that we chose our wedding date. It has been a year on the 17th that we've been fiancéed. So on July 30th we are getting married!!! We where supposed to elope to Hawaii this summer, but we kinda noticed that our families really wanted to be part of it all. So we'll be doing two ceremonies. A civil garden party wedding and a private justthetwoofus beach wedding.

November 18, 2009

Doll and quilts

I've got to say that I dont know what to do with this creepy old doll I've been given, It's cool because It's so old but it has creepy little theeth and makeup?!?. So if anybody out there has any cool idea what to do with it, please...
Here are also some of the quilts i have to finish. I get excited all the time about new quilting projects and I end up not finishing the ones I already started. So this week is about finishing at least one of these.
Baby quilt
Scraps throw
Story quilt : This one it's the ribbon embroideries that are making me stall.

November 16, 2009

SWAP : Moustaches and upper-lip adornement

Swap Coordinator:Mistuk (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts Handmade Themed
Number of people in swap: 1
Location: International
Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:November 30, 2009
Date items must be sent by: December 7, 2009
Number of swap partners: 2

In my quest to put up the most delirious moustache collection, I have decided to invite whomever might be looking to also collect the evasive face hair and create a swap to get a chance in exchanging different specimens. This invitation is limited to moustaches only, a beard and goatie swap might be in the making later on.

All type of craft materials are accepted : felt, wool, beads, pipe cleaners, cardboard, paper, plastic, recycled ...
All styles are also accepted : square, round, twirly, fu manchu, celebrity look-alike...
They must be mint condition (no stealing it off an old mans face)
They must be pined or not in a box (so they wont escape)
They must be theorically wearable (carved out of a log might be difficult to wear)
They cannot be bought (no poaching!)
They come in groups of 2 (male or female)

Since this swap demands a lot of investement in the collectors, I give myself the right to refuse flacky or bad swappers. Newbys are accepted, but with a full profile.

November 15, 2009

Hapiness is a warm camera

Impulsive purchase? Maybe! But oh so necessary to my happiness : A Fuji Finepix S100
I have never taken such good picture! I'm still strolling the guide book for all the options. God, I can now retire my litttle Canon Powershot A530. I never could do Macro before, it was one of the reason I needed to renew the camera, it has been four years. I'm splitting my time between the camera, writting and quilting this week. Being unemployed during the winter, do get my arts and craft project going on. Also got a good news today, we are filming season 2 of Shaputuan in march. Cant wait!!!

November 08, 2009

Crafty sunday

Great sunday! Got to go shop for some cupcakes. YUMMY!!! Had the raspberry/chocolate first!
Did also some crafting, for my nephew : a camper plushy!!! My brother and his girlfriend are responsible for a campsite. Evidently... Camper lovin'!!!!! The fabric was bought on ETSY from

November 07, 2009

Swine flu survivor!

Finally, my boyfriend DID have the swine flu, we had to go in a hurry to the hospital, and they told us it was definately it. I, on the other hand only had a bad cold. They told me to just pass threw it. We've been quarantined for the week and could'nt get to see our family. He got threw it ok, he's better now, but he still get's tired kickly. It gave us time to do some cleaning. My workspace was a mess, got around to clean it up and do some inventory. How much ribbons does a girl need!
Since I'm not contagious, I got to go thrifting a bit. Got this great bag for 4$!!! I was looking for this type of messanger bag, with lots of space. The cheapest I got across was 80$. It's a 76$ rebate!!!
Our new pet rats are getting along fine! Here is Ghengis and Mariouche. MIA : Dexter(been catching up with season 3 this week, so i got inspired for the name). Rats are way better pets than hamster and gerbils. First, they dont bite and are super social. They dont smell like mices. Go RATS!

November 02, 2009

Filming, simili-swine flu and vacations!

I'm finally home and starting to feel good again! My two weeks of filming went well, except on the last 4 days, the air was so dry and hot in the studio that my throat started hurting.

So it's been two weeks I've come back, but fighting of my bug was so straining, that I did minimal tasks in my workday (and oh yes, i had to go to work). My honey, on the other side, also got a cold, but not same as mine. Both where so violent,we thought we had the swine flu, just to be told by the doctor it was a very bad cold. I was the lucky one, my symptoms all stayed in the throat, as my boyfriend got it in the lungs. I can now sing like Janis Joplin!

In any case, I am now back and human again!!! Getting pampered on set was so cool! Of course it was not hollywood, but I got to get make-upped and coiffed every mornings. Still stayed at the Four Points with the pool-spa, but had to work long days and missed my family a lot...
It's been a month and a half since my dad passed away, and it get's really hard sometimes. But i am writting brand new stories all about or inspired by him. I hope to get a show out of it, about pirates, natives and booty ; )

The garden is closing for the winter, so I'm getting a vacation = crafting time!!!!

WISH OF THE DAY : Writting one good story before next monday