October 09, 2009

Dog Life

What is this that I just received by swaping ? It's Junkin' Jane's fabulous button jewelry and goodie box! Incy Wincy Stiches set up a very cool swap and I got lucky with my partner. Got to say I'll be sending a bonus package, it was so cool!
Jack got a little edgy when he saw the french bulldog figurine. But major licking went on after that.
Got cool necklace, brooch, earing and more...
Today was babysitting the dogs day. From left to right : Jack Monoloy, Charlie, Jonathan (my little brother) and Mr. Wilkins.
Presenting my father-in-law's futur dog, a great dane, Bella-Rose. She'll be there in two weeks.

WISH OF THE DAY : Hope that my two weeks out of town passes in a flash!

October 07, 2009

Preparing for filming!

I'm gonna be out of town for two weeks, filming the sitcom Shaputuan. So I might not be writting a lot but I'll try to keep posting.