September 30, 2009

Crafts of all sorts

Of all things in the world, crafts are certainly one of the things I NEVER get tired of doing. I finally finished my whimsies, and am now using the sam pattern to make an picture frame. Got to say that beading outside at the First Nations Garden, keeps my hand from freezing over.

Tonight andtomorrow we are having an activity outside of the garden, at La TOHU, on First nations View of the astronomy. A walk under the stars .
I also have to say that swap-bot rocks! Almost everyday i come home, and a letter waits for me full of ribbon, ATC or stickers. Makes my day! Loooovve my Pirate ATC's! Preparing my button jewellery swap for a while now, I should be good to send on monday.

But for now I'm going to bed...

WISH OF THE DAY : Get 5 craft projects done before monday *Granted*

''Fields of dream'' or ''How to make a good apple pie''

WARNING: All that you are about to read was written by a hatetocookbutlovetoeat person after experiencing last sunday an outing with her lovetocookandgreatatit boyfriend. Some graphic violence involving apples may occure.

Here are the steps to making delicious apple pies:

First step, get to the orchard and pick 20lbs of fresh apples. Rain or shine!
Of course you pet the goat.

As you go, choose a pumkin ou squash.Check freshness with your dog or other reliable pet. Then start cooking!

Get into an argument with your fiancée over the pie crust texture. Win that argument.

Prepare the sugar that goes in with the apples.

Lick the mixer's. Not when spinning!!!

Break n.1

Stab the apples to be sure they are dead.
When your conscience is clear, peel the apples.
Make a visit to the compost.
Break n.2
Curse as you try to do the plaiting on top of your pie and let the last one topless, since you are going to kill someone!

Enjoy fresh squash soup.

Testing of the pies.Somebody get me a spoon...

Perfect crust and sweet smell. Get closer, you might be lucky enough to smell it.

Tired, but happy to be finished with cooking! Happily enough we are still together.

September 28, 2009

Super Lip Dub!

This is a gottosee video, it was even featured on CNN. It's my University! Go UQAM!!!

September 26, 2009

September 25 was my father's funerals. He was the greatest father I could wish for. I took a picture of the sky, the colours where like candy or ice cream colours. He leaves even more courageous and life-loving than before. I will make him proud!

September 23, 2009


If there is a season i love, it's fall. Since i'm always hot, even in winter, i like it when you get rain and cool winds. Today was grey and foggy in Montreal. Nothing gets you more in a crochet mood than falling leaves! I'm preparing pumpkins to put on a bonnet, for my niece and nephew. Or on my sisters orders, this beaver hat.

Got my hands on a few craft books that are pretty well illustrated and are full of easy and interesting projects. But i do have to finish a few, before starting new ones.

But over all, this dog needs love! Hot marshmallow love!

WISH OF THE DAY : Prepare a plan for world domination by Boston Terrier's! *Update: Not yet achieve, but in the making...*

September 22, 2009


There is nothing more fun than receiving a package with the mail. I received yesterday a letter from England full of ribbons. My first swap package! I suscribed to swap-bot and now i get all excited, each time i look in my mail box! I sent my packages yesterday, i hope they make it sound and safe to the US and Australia.

September 09, 2009


I love whimsies. They are fun to do and give a spectacular result. All day it's been calm in the garden, so i had a chance of continuing with the one I had started. Except for the beads, all the materials are recycled or repurposed. The felt was a giveaway, the person who gave it to, me was going to throw it away. The turquoise in the middle, was also a gift. The giver found the earrings to big for herself. So i ripped the clip off and beaded down the stone. I also used a beading technique that raises the work.

It's an old tradition of beadwork, that was used to sell crafts to tourists. It often helped the family survive.

Beadworking is a craft that has it's importance in lots of First Nations cultures. Here you can see my collegue Claudia, working it. She's a newbie beader, but she so gifted! She helped me out with the hairpiece on the desk. Ipersonally cant stop beading, i think it could really kill me if i did. Really...

WISH OF THE DAY : Get my house cleaning done before tomorrow afternoon. Big visit coming over.

September 07, 2009

Au festin de Babette

Why such a serious face? Because we are in pure bliss, with our ice cream from Festin de Babette! My love had a cone, and I had a moka milkshake. Delish! We where a little bummed by the fact that they had changed their menu. Our favourites : Litchi and pear sorbet where taken off the board, but it still cool to go there.

The inside and outside reflects the goodness of the ice cream (Miskumi in Innu).

I found it hard not to be sad, after visiting my dad in the hospital, but a ice cream break was good for me. It made me feel real good,

We walked around on St-Denis, found a miniature cookie toll, cutter, pastry roller, pie plates... I'm going crazy on collecting toys and books for the children i dont have yet. I think it's my leftover willpower that prevent me from playing with the toys. Hmmmm toys....

WISH OF THE DAY : Getting my rabbit plush ready for my friend Louise's baby shower.

September 04, 2009

Pirate flag

I finaly got over my native/pirate flag! It's all hand appliqué, so it looks really handmade. Only steps left are ironing and hanging. Aaaarrr! It's gonna be a tool for storytelling to the kids and also the adults. The legend of my ancestry. Aaaarrr!

Next pirate deed : Birchbark chest

My ancestors would be proud and confused, but it's all in good spirit. Here are a few pirate and native stuff i found on the web, they are pretty AMAZING!


Very cool kintting bag!
Very nice beadings in this shop!
Make your own pirate bird!
Kid's tipi!

September 03, 2009


The work was mainly on my bead stash. It's the end of season for the First Nations Garden. This means less crafting and more group visiting. So i brought back my beads and started a cleanup. The result wont last i know, but it's a good pretense for doing a listing of the colours and types i have. And give me a reason to buy more beads! I have to say the box now weighs at least 25 lbs.
Here's a nice trick to divide big and small beads, spice bottle!

I've also cleaned up my woolstash as well. Found a nice apple basket this summer for 4$. The girl that sold it to me, gave me a rebate when my fiance said i could'nt afford more junk in my workspace. She said it was women solidarity. Go girl power!