August 31, 2009

The perfect picture!

I started my day, with the idea of taking the perfect picture... Ok, it might be a little exagerated. But it's kinda cool that people would come together over time and form a wall of colour on a opened gash in Montreal's metro station. Guess wich one... I also got a couple shots of plants and nature, but this one marked me the most.
When you study art on the university level, it kind of changes your mind about what is art, how you can evaluate it's value and mostly how you can have other person understand it.

I went in art to paint, draw and do watercolour(wich was not my forte). Now i fall in love with walls of gum. God i love my life!

People might think it's gross, but i cant help but remember that a can of poo sold for a couple thousand bucks - PIERO MANZONI

WISH OF THE DAY : Reach an upper level of conciousness ... Naaahhhh! Just wish i could get my metro pass without waiting three hours in line! *super granted!*

August 30, 2009

Birch bark bitting!

Today at the Botanical Garden, we had a specialist in birchbark bitting. It's a very old artform that involves your teeth in the making of design that can be used for storytelling, beading, embroiderie and much more.

Thérèse Bégin is on of the few person left that still do and teaches this artform. In Quebec, Firsts Nations, have a tendencie to bite flower and plant patterns. As for the south, they do mostly bugs. Let me tell you that you are never certain of what you might end up with, but it's almost always beautifull!

I did a few that were kinda cool, but she always gets it right!

WISH OF THE DAY : Get a perfect picture tomorrow of anything! *granted*

August 27, 2009

Beading is like a box of chocolate!

I did a little beading this morning, setup a few exemples for my workshops. I used my big beads and my Charlotte beads, wich gives me headaches (but how good the feeling!). My pattern for my next bead weaving is this :

My banner before and after being pixelised on photoshop. It will be 34 beads by about 213 beads. I found a nice grey bead that will give it a nice shine. I found myself compelled to buy more beads. 20$ to be exact. Like i said to the owner of the bead shop: ''Some persons do crack, some bead!'' Shoot me up!

August 26, 2009

Good social reminder, but...

District 9 is a very violent movie, but a good reminder, that if we are not carefull, intolerance can become the social standard.

WISH OF THE DAY : Finish planning my craft workshops. *granted*

August 25, 2009

Buttons and jars

Why does anything and everything look cool in a jar? Floss, beads, candies, pompoms, severed fingers... But most of all buttons! This is why i just popped a vein, when i came across THIS blog.

I think, that any craftmaker on the planet, has at least obsessed once on granny's button stash. I did. I have always been lucky to meet people who give me their old stuff, 'cause i reuse a lot. Buttons i receive a lot of those. Lots of vintage one's, so big you wonder what they where used for. Each time i received a button box, it felt like the person gave me money, you want to treasure it.

When talking of treasuring, i also think of wool, that is laying in a top drawer, i got to sort it! That, and all the rest of my crafting material. I got to make an inventorie, if i wish to be able to give workshop this fall.

WISH OF THE DAY : Finish illustrating my fabric book

August 24, 2009

So tired!

Beautifull sunset in Quebec's old port. I'm back in Montreal, tired but happy to see my baby Jack. Might have another Boston Terrier this week, i'm keeping my finger crossed.

Beauty with fur! Cant resist!

Really cute bushes in Wendake, beaver, deer or turtle. They have many! I might like a beaver on my lawn.

WISH OF THE DAY : Get to make a shaped cedar bird on the lawn of my first house.

August 22, 2009

Quebec city!

I'm in the capital for the weekend, and i'm loving it. Staying at the Four Point, wich is beautifull!My room is huge! And the view is a plus plus!

We went to se the Image Mill, wich is so cool and is a must see.

And i think that this is a pretty cool piece of art/craft/utilitarian work. From

I got to find ideas for keeping efficent my workspace, that is our closet.
We have an extra room, it's a room for visit, but we hop it becomes a baby nest! Fill it with plush toys....uhhhmmmm plush toys.......
This is why i'm cleaning it up and organizing it before september arrives. Wish me luck!


Get to go see Wendake Museum tomorrow if we have the time *granted*

August 19, 2009

I had to buy this!

I know i made a promise to myself that this year i would buy mostly used or thrifted material, but i needed felt pens, and God knows you cant buy those used. So i went to a craft supply store and bought felt pens for 99 cents... and scrapbooking paper... and a virgin rubber stamp... and felt balls! And you know you can never have to many felt balls! I stopped at that, but i could have gone on and on with my bad self.

One purchase i DONT regret is my future baby's(the one i will have in the next two years or less) first bio bag by Les Fées Mères, i got to choose the veggies to put inside the beautifull bag i bought. I took a beet, an eggplant, a potato, a carrot and a salad/cabadge. It's made of bio or recycled materials. Love it, love it, love it! I found it soooo cute i had to get it even if i aint expecting. It was during la TOHU's eco-responsible fair, in wich i was giving a workshop about native foods, games and legends.

Today, i started a fabric book made of recycled and reused materials, i'm only in the process of preparing the materials, but as i go on, i'll post pictures. It represents a old legend about Wolverine and the Skunk.


Finish my pirate flag soon

August 18, 2009

It's alive! Muuuuaaaahaaahaaa!

After multiples tryouts, i finally got the blog i wanted! Now to see if i'll be able to keep it up!