April 10, 2012

Easter's swag and crafts :)

HAPPY EASTER from me and Jack!
This year's Easter was the best! We had an Easter egg hunt with my sis and bro's kids. The best I tell you. Even If I'm not supposed to have sugar (Damn you diabetes! Damn youuuu!!!!) I still indulged in Easter chocolate, chocolate fondue and 2 Cadburry Egg :d Before my diabetes declared last year, I could eat 3 to 4 of these suckers in one sitting. But now I cant have one without being queasy :s Let's just say, that even I I gave myself a day off being reasonable, my body did'nt and I got a major stomach ache. (No surprise there...)
Being a great sunny weekend, Jack resumed is sunbathing activities that beagan wit our earlier heatwave this month. During that time, I got my craft on! I had collected a few needlepoints, to make a pouf. But never had the time. No I had time :) I have to admit that my project Is TOTALLY inspired and copied off Frédérique Morrel's work. No honnor there, but loads o' fun and quite an easy project. The hardest part is finding completed needlepoints with fun design. And since I did not have 400$-1700$ to order one from her...

I found a couple fun needlepoint, such as one of PATOF the clown
 or a nekkid lady (Bardot for sure...)
 Here is an idea from MarieArnoux to what I might do with the leftovers of needle points

 We also had a great dinner with our friend Élodie and Marco, great bunny bread BTW ( Lots of puns about Lapin(Bunny) and Le pain(bread)...
 WISH OF THE DAY : A very very veryyyyyy long spring :)

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