April 02, 2012

Beadworking, my time consuming life!

Do I love beadwork or do I love beadwork! I cant get around a week without picking up a needle and beads <3 I got  to admit I have way too many projects started, but that the beauty of beadworking. You have to do more of it to not get sick of it! I am presently working on a series of work about traditionnal and contemporary sexual and kinky native legends and story as a way of educating people.

I was looking around the web for beading ideas and also other afficionados, here I found a little shop in South Africa : Beloved Beadwork

 I fell in love with their Twelve Apostles earings. Love <3
I have to say I was tought in the traditionnal appliqué beadwork used by First Nations, so I always get a kick to see other forms of beadwork used by either First Nations or other nations around the globe :) But two of my most marking beadwork artists are : Teri Greeves and Nadia Myre
Teri Greeves is a more traditionnal beadworker, but she still explore the contemporary use of beads. Here is a great video from the Craft in America series, the Origins episode.

This is a video from Caroline Nepton Hotte, for the 8th Fire, with Nadia explaining her work. She explores a very contemporary aspect of the beads. Making it visual, more than cultural, but you still feel where it comes from.

Well this all gave me a go to do more beadwork, see you later! ;)

WISH OF THE DAY : Beads, boats of beads!!!!

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