March 20, 2012

Spring at last!

 Today is the first day of spring! I am jubilating with the sun. Having to work on my projects, I am also beading.I am trying out the two needles technique and I have to say it's quite practical and goes really fast. But I hope to not working all day. Did someone say ''Terrasse''?

  I hope to find a friend to go lounging on a terasse with, either this afternoon or tomorrow, before this unusual temperature goes away. But since my contract with WAPIKONI MOBILE (already miss you guys) is been finished last week, i'll start doing my art projects. I'll be starting filming a new television serie in april, so might as well use all my spare time.

  I love feeling life run down my back with all it's rays! But do I hope it never gets hotter than 24c! It's the perfect time to listen to some Ray Lamontagne <3

 We are presently breaking heat records in Montreal for the month of march. I know I should be gloomy with the fact it has to do with earth warming up. But I'll be enjoying myself today. All around me is flower and plants blooming. And I dont feel like being bothered with anything that has'nt have to do with the birds and the beads ;)
It's also the season when Jack starts his heavy sunbathing! Can you put sunscreen on a dog?

WISH OF THE DAY : Let this sun warm the coldest hart <3

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