February 20, 2011

The sweet life

Back and better! Still got a croaking voice... I'm glad to be back in town. I hopped from town to town for my work, animation and filming. But now, i just want to enjoy my home! Saturday, on my trip back from my last trip in East-Broughton, visiting my husbands family, we stopped in a gas bar and found candies of my youth!!! I did a rampage, and bought all those candies i had'nt seen in years! One of the strangest i used to buy where these wax pop bottle.
You would bite off the top of the bottle and suck the juice out. I used to chew on wax for hours. Might explain a lot a things... : s
The taste is close to one of a warm popsicle. And there is not a lot of juice, it's mostly wax... But still, it brought out memories.
Food takes a lot a place in my life, i guess in everyboby's life. As i was in Trois-Rivières, i got to go to a good sushi restaurant wich is named Sushi Taxi. God those were good sushis!!! It was so good that when i was in Quebec, i had them delivered to my hotel room. *LOVE*
 So these arrived and i got to stuff my face. The sushi pizza was particularily delicious. They also had different sauces, different levels of spicy and sweet.

So now i'm going back to watching The Exorcist while eating candies. And that my friend is a weird mix...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get my art stuff inventoried this week.

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