February 13, 2011

All hail Morgan! Queen of the sea! Aaarrrrrr!

You know how sometimes you accumulate tons of cute fabric, lace and ribbons for no particular reason except the fact that they are gorgeous. I tend to collect a lot! Yesterday was a good day for that stash. I made a sundress and a beach bag for my niece's big 1st birthday. Since she is named Morgan in honor of the queen of pirates, i tend to do he nautical theme for her. I had a cool boat square from a batch of quilt squares i found while thrifting, it finaly served me good, for i made her a bag (i could have kept it!Gnark!Gnark!Gnark!) For the sundress, it's totally inspired by SOULEMAMA's book, Handmade Home
In there, there is a totally cool baby sundress made out of a pillowcase. I had a case that i fell in love with, just needed the occasion.
I used some blue and white lace to do some "3D" waves. (I think i found myself a little to clever on that one...) I love doing stuff for the kids!!! And now that there is half a dozen children in our family, it makes for a lot of birthdays to cover!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Enjoy the Carnaval de Québec, while i'm up there. 

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