January 04, 2011

Pwinssess part II

 So, BÉ came to finish some craft for my niece's princess kit. She brought one of her dress. I was not really convinced, it was kinda overwashed. She got it at a thrift store, so it's been worn...
 But like that apostle that had to see to believe, she rocked it! We transformed the dress into a pretty purse to put all her stuff. BÉ tells me she's gonna be filling it up with her brother's little cars...
 She made it with a ribbon badge. So nice! Now we'll be doing a kit for her boy. My nephew will have is birthday in two weeks, so i'll be having some work to do this weekend.
Of course me and my sis' had to got thrift! I brought back this cool set of velvet fruits! All in good condition!!! (Not shown a bag of christmas satin balls that i paid 50% off and that after the promise i made in my last post, i am to ashamed to show... Yes i'm a bad person...)

*WISH OF THE DAY* Go to work with a smile tomorow morning.

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