January 07, 2011

One is the loneliest number...

Day 1 of my husband being in New York City... There is a pool going on in my family, as to when i'll be so hungry that i'll have to eat either my own arm or my dog... They dont believe i can make it without him. HE told me he was afraid i would end up eating spaghetti all week long.

They are kinda right... For someone who likes to eat, i do hate to cook. If i need to accomplish more than more than 3 steps of a recipe it's to much for me! My best friend is the can openner. So i had a dlicious breakfast of Apple Jacks and coffee. Who needs croissants anyway! 

HONEY! COME BACK! (sighing on my own patheticnessitude)

To keep myself occupied, i roamed the net and discovered some good blogs and websites, here are my finds:

Since i have a 4 days weekend starting today, i'm gonna use my first day to craft and go see a movie with my sister and brother-in-law tonight. Let see if i'll survive to my husband's absence! Love you honey!!!

*WISH OF THE DAY* That no snow falls, so i wont be trapped in my house. 

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