January 12, 2011

My man is back! So we took the day off...

I got him back, so it was payback time! He left me all alone, so he had to ride me around to do some shopping. We got a huge bag of food for the rats, 12 rats do eat alot even if they're just babies. And then i thrifted with him, he also got excited about baby stuff and buying sofa cushions. I found some plastic crystals for cheap light fixtures, i'll be making a mobile out of those i think...

A few of the nice finds i did are these two toys (Goldielocks Blocks and wooden beads), i found this bronze indian head bank.
I also got this great gift from my sister, a quilt made by one of our friends that passed away last year of a Cancer. She had made it for her son when he was born and she passed it on to my sister for her three kids. Now she passes it on to me. It's, silk with an embroided bunny on it. Lovely! She gave me this hoodie with little duckies on the buttons. She knows i'm collecting with lots of hope! I go back to work tomorrow and get back in my working groove. But febuary is promissing to be a tough one! I have almost NO time off.

During the weekends i got contracts to animate and storytell at Ottawa's Winterlude. So when my week is over i go to Ottawa by train during that month.

*WISH OF THE DAY* Have no colds in febuary! PLEASE!!!

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