January 22, 2011

Malade, je suis maladeeeuuuuuuhhhhh!!!

I am so sick! I feel like a petri dish of hurt... I know everyone HAS to get the flu at some point. But now my face is wanting to give me it's two week notice. I hurt! Worst part is i had to go to work yesterday morning 'cause i had important stuff to do. But as soon as i was finished i ran back home and slipped into  self-induced coma. I'm just waking up from 18hours of sleep, eat, read blogs and watch movies in my bed. I could only bring myself to concentrate on The Count of Monte Cristo with Richard Chamberlain in it.
God i love that story! I totally love the fact that Mercedes dont take him back in the end, that his quest for revenge costs him all the good things he could have in life. It's so karmayish. Love, love, love!

I also roamed the internet checking out Nostalgia Chick's movie reviews and stumbling on sites. Here area few of the sites and blog that made me feel better during my coma...





*WISH OF THE DAY* Stop the face hurting!

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