January 18, 2011

It puzzles me...

I kinda went overboard with buying puzzles lately. My mother-in-law is not helping either. She bought for my nephew's birthday this puzzle/3D theatre about the Three Little Pigs. It's a dollar store find but it's rather cool. She's a daycare woker, so she knows her kids tastes.
 Now i just need to assemble it all...
 On the other hand i  prefere to buy old vintage ones. I found this domino/puzzle game that you have to join the animal to it's call. The graphics make me go back on memory lane. Love it!
 But this one! I neve saw one like it. A gigantic wooden puzzle. There is twelve animals that are whole. It's marked from England. Marvelous! Cant wait to make it with the kids!!!

Now, what can be cooler than going in a magazine store, catching up on youre favorite art magazines and stumbling on a picture of one of your own performance. It rocks! This is my pink ass on the streets of Montreal! My day is done.
*WISH OF THE DAY* Get some order in all the stuff i buy, or i'll finish burried like a wild hoarder.

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