January 01, 2011


Great party but 'm ssooooo tired. My husband got up early and started the turkey. Ok, i know some people think I should be preparing the meal, but it so happens that in our couple it's him the cook.  For my part, if a turkey does'nt come in a can that i can open with a can opener. I think people will pass on my offer of eating at our place. But EVERYTIME we invite friends over they are all excited  by the possibility of a soufflée or a good cheese platter with selected wine and so on... I just like to do bakery!
This is our turkey at 10 am..
Stuffing it : Wich will prove to be delish!
This is our turkey at every hours. I juiced it once and now i dont have anymore hair on my right index!
Family arrives!!! It was as an intimate party of 8. Bella, my father-in-law's dog is now a full flegged Great Dane.
This is no tofurkey!
Table set. My mom even brought a bannock bread for my In-laws to try out and for me to eat. There is so much leftovers. I will be eating turkey for a while now...
Selections of desserts...
In-laws full? Check!
Mom and Jack full? (Cause you know i gave him tons of turkey) Check!

And now, i'm leaning over tired and happy to be starting a New Year!

*WISH OF THE DAY* I hope to enjoy my four days left of vacations!

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