January 31, 2011

Ebola or bust!

I survived! I survived the flu and a stomach flu one after the other! Nothing else can happen! I've been paralysed in my home for the last 24 hours and this morning i feel like a brand new women! You never lie when you say all you really have is your health.  But i'm on the road this evening, for work, so i wont be spending my free time loafing around the house this week.  I'm attending the Forum on dependencies. It promises to be interesting. But sadly, i wont be attending the conferences. As the communication officer, i'll be promoting our organisation at the event. It's something i love to do. You get to chat with people and sometimes you get long free time periods. So i dont mind, i'll be bringing some kniting. Jack is kinda worried i'll make him a new hat...

I did get to have my brother over on friday, and we went to see Gallerie at the BELGO, where the exhibits were quite good. He loves museums in particular. He commented on the fact that one of the thing he dont like about Galleries is that they dont use up all the spaces on the wall. For a 12 year old he's got good opinions (hey, he could have said he hated there was no candy machine...). We explained to him it was done on purpose to concentrate on each piece. He accepted it.

Since our Dad died last year, me and my husband are trying a little to hard to teach him about housework (since he IS a little spoiled by our Mom since is birth. Hell! She still cuts is meat!) So we make him do is room, he changed a lightbulb and he did is first Shepperd's pie! It might not seem big an exploit, but he is always proud to do stuff at our house v.s. tantrum at Mom's house. So here how it ended up looking like. It was super good and he even signed it!
*WISH OF THE DAY* Gaze at Jack getting a Snooki tan in front of our patio window (granted!)

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