January 09, 2011

Day three : I spend my money!

What is a girl to do when she got nothing to do? Shop! I did a tour of my favorite Thrift shop in Montreal today and went crazy. Although i don t have kids yet, i'm already collecting toys and clothes for them. It's more about me being sentimental about my own childhood, but who cares! I dont like Disney stuff, but do i like old vintage toys! I'm tring to find a lot of the same toys i had when i was a kid myself. It'll be easier for me to play with my future kids if i already like their toys...
 I'm also trying to find nice homemade clothes. I hit the jackpot today three knitted baby vest, one with matching booties! A sun dress and leather sandals. I'm getting a few girl AND boys thing. But for the moment, i'm more into girly stuff. I also found puzzles,one from Star Wars. Linen, bed and tablecloth. Christmass stuff(ok i have no honour whe it comes to that) and tins full of magnetic letters.
This morning i also got ahead on my quilt. I might just finish tomorrow...Yeah!
robot portrait of my husband i did on a stumbled upon website (lost the link)

Still two days to go without my husband.. If i can give him a good advice : Come back before i get used to all the free time, fast food and television monopoly!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get my house clean tomorrow, cause i have friends coming over!

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