January 10, 2011

Day four : Finaly over!

I made it my first completed quilt! Ok i did'nt use a very elaborate pattern. But collecting the jeans and cutting out squares...Sewing them...Padding... ALL those steps took me three years to do! But finaly, i made it! And now we have a fresh bedspread for our guests. Tomorrow my man is back, it's back to work. So i'm glad i used my free time to make myself usefull.

I also got extra time to roam blogs that are so cool. Personnaly, i just want to eat chocolate since i've heard of the Mast Brothers. They could wrap a brick with their wrappers and i would eat it!
*WISH OF THE DAY* Find a nice family for my baby rats.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Congratulations on making your first quilt! I started one long ago and never finished it.. oh the guilt!