January 08, 2011

Day 2 home alone... With Jack... Bingo!

What happens when your husband leaves you to go to NYC... You eat junk food (a lot of it), you catch up with your crafting (a lot of it) and you go out with your mom to bingo and win!(not a lot of that one...)
I won at Bingo! Yes i enjoy the kitschy side of life (ok i just go or the donuts). But i did won a 100$! That i had to share with another winner, that i split in two with my mom(we always share our winnings) and that i had to give her back 10$ i borrowed to buy the donuts. So i'm left with 15 $ all for myself. Joy
Since good things come in batch of two, i found this beautifull boat quilt. It just needs the padding and back layer. It's a 5$ find! I,ll be padding it myself. So just for the savings i'm excited, but the nautical theme makes me think of my dad.
I did manage to make something out of my day. My sister and brother in-law came over to keep me company. We played scrabble and watched funny videos on youtube. Thank you Ray William Johnson!
We got up, i went and did a little thrifting, got back home and continued on my quilt i started to finish yesterday. It is three years in the making... I hope my man will like it, it's intended for the friends bedroom. The bedcover we have is nasty. If i burn it, it might free the evil spirits imbedded in it...

Anyway i just cant wait to get my man back. I'm talking to the dog, i'm so lonely!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get some house cleaning done(bet it aint happening)

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