January 03, 2011

Boredom = Trip to the bookstore!!!

My makeshift sofa...

When it's back to reality, i tend to get bored. More even, when my husband as to go work and it's the end of the holidays setting in. I ended up waiting for the couch fixers and now i lost my workplace in the corner of the living room. So today i sulked around the house with 5 000 000 projects already started that i could have finished but did'nt. So when he came back from work, he found me in a foetal position saying : I'm sssooooo bbbbooooorrreddddd!
To make me happy he brought me to the bookstore. One my favorite cheap activity is reading in a bookstore. Specialy magazines. Specialy contemporary arts, crafts and decorations magazines. But since i was in an extra crappy mood, only these two magazine could cheer me up!
Fortunately, my sister is coming over tuesday to finish the Princess crafts we did for her daughter. I also got a good idea for her son's (my godson's) birthday coming up this month.

I'll make him a mash up of these two games. The fishes will be made out of felt and i think i'll make him a kind of trophy display to put the fishes away... I'm planning it already. My mood ,being super up, thanks to my man and free reading!!!

*WISH OF THE DAY* Making the most of my upcoming alone weekend. Husband's in NYC! 

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