January 16, 2011

Around the waterhole

The toy i made for my nephew's birthday was a success! I'm always afraid they wont like the things i make for them. But they do! And they play with them a lot!!! I might not give enough credit to todays youth... They fished for a while. They could catch fishes, a shark or a boot (old nephew's sock). The boys LOVED it! I used leftover fabric my sister-in-law gave me from IKEA that as crabs and seaweeds on it. Everything can be put away in the waterhole(Fishes, pole and sock).

Sadly, my niece did'nt want to wear the tutu we found for her at value vilage for 5$(Bella Dancerella). She said "It hurt, it hurt, it hurt" until we got around to understand the tutu was to stiff and scratched her legs, now she is afraid of it. But i think the trauma wont last. : ) She is the the princess with the pea...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Craft some more!

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