January 02, 2011

2011 : The year that is already givin'!

In my house, this is what happens with leftover turkey! My honey made a pie for tomorrow's supper! Yum!!
 Ok... My name is Melissa and i am a junkie... A thrifting junkie!!! I SWEAR this is the last and final time i buy christmas decos before the next christmas. But since people are trowing their decos at Value Village, i went over there and found two bags for a total of 5.65$ One of the bags had mini tiny christmas glass balls. The ones in the bowl. And then i found a bag full of of velvety santas, mother Claus, deers, elves and such. My mom got for me and my man the cute mugs with mooses.
 So i cleaned them up and packed them with the other decorations. So see you next year guys!!!
Tonight we had our last family diner of the holidays. My mom made us a turkey (third one in tree days!) and i got to see my family (Yesterday we were in my husband's family and ate turkey again). So my sister's in-laws, to wich my family is very close, gave me some of the old stuff they have in their home. They never throw anything usefull. But once in a while they throw away stuff that is treasures to me! A gigantic rat trap, a stow away with the cardboard still on it. But the best, was the antique spouts that are used for maple collecting.  
 There was even wooden spouts!!! This is a treasure of history!
And last but not least! Friends were invited at my mom's and they had'nt got the chance to give us a weeding gift this summer. So they gave us three great books on native american culture. These have the best pictures! They will be usefull in my line of work.
Here in the book Hall of the North American Indian, good picture of my Nation's traditionnal women's cap. The last to be still worn in Noth America daily (but only by our elders).

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get some work ahead, since i'm blocked at home tomorrow waiting for the couch fixer!

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