January 31, 2011

Ebola or bust!

I survived! I survived the flu and a stomach flu one after the other! Nothing else can happen! I've been paralysed in my home for the last 24 hours and this morning i feel like a brand new women! You never lie when you say all you really have is your health.  But i'm on the road this evening, for work, so i wont be spending my free time loafing around the house this week.  I'm attending the Forum on dependencies. It promises to be interesting. But sadly, i wont be attending the conferences. As the communication officer, i'll be promoting our organisation at the event. It's something i love to do. You get to chat with people and sometimes you get long free time periods. So i dont mind, i'll be bringing some kniting. Jack is kinda worried i'll make him a new hat...

I did get to have my brother over on friday, and we went to see Gallerie at the BELGO, where the exhibits were quite good. He loves museums in particular. He commented on the fact that one of the thing he dont like about Galleries is that they dont use up all the spaces on the wall. For a 12 year old he's got good opinions (hey, he could have said he hated there was no candy machine...). We explained to him it was done on purpose to concentrate on each piece. He accepted it.

Since our Dad died last year, me and my husband are trying a little to hard to teach him about housework (since he IS a little spoiled by our Mom since is birth. Hell! She still cuts is meat!) So we make him do is room, he changed a lightbulb and he did is first Shepperd's pie! It might not seem big an exploit, but he is always proud to do stuff at our house v.s. tantrum at Mom's house. So here how it ended up looking like. It was super good and he even signed it!
*WISH OF THE DAY* Gaze at Jack getting a Snooki tan in front of our patio window (granted!)

January 27, 2011

God give me the strength!

I  am starting to feel waaayyy much better and at least I wont be starting february sick! God knows i dont need that. I will be officially starting a month with no pauses. I'm roaming the province to work, even on weekends!But this upcomming weekend, i'm having my little brother sleeping over. I'm planning a weekend of craft, puzzle making and movies! Cant wait! We were supposed to go ice fishing, but time and other considerations made us change our plans. Still, i get him for the weekend, he might be in his teens but i can still get him to use pencils, scissors and glue!

Since i am feeling better i'll make someone feel crappy. This someone is Jack. Since we had a cold wave here in Montreal, the dogs i know have been freezing up each time they go out to...

Jack even froze right on the spot, i had to rush him in the bathtub and run warm water on his paws gradually so he could move them again. So we started to dress him up a lot so he could go out safely. I noticed his head was unprotected, for a bald dog that's not good. So I knitted him a emergency hat and here is how it went when we tried to put it on...
I guess it was only a good idea in my head....

*WISH OF THE DAY* Knit a bit.

January 24, 2011

Because i'm sick i roam...

I'm getting around my sickness, but i cant get to do nothing at all. So instead of crafting, i look for blogs. I cant wait to make stuff again and to be creative... Cough*Cough*Cough* I'm going to watch Amélie Poulain for the 1001th time *LOVE*

Here are the great finds i made on the web

*WISH OF THE DAY* Get better SOON!

January 22, 2011

Malade, je suis maladeeeuuuuuuhhhhh!!!

I am so sick! I feel like a petri dish of hurt... I know everyone HAS to get the flu at some point. But now my face is wanting to give me it's two week notice. I hurt! Worst part is i had to go to work yesterday morning 'cause i had important stuff to do. But as soon as i was finished i ran back home and slipped into  self-induced coma. I'm just waking up from 18hours of sleep, eat, read blogs and watch movies in my bed. I could only bring myself to concentrate on The Count of Monte Cristo with Richard Chamberlain in it.
God i love that story! I totally love the fact that Mercedes dont take him back in the end, that his quest for revenge costs him all the good things he could have in life. It's so karmayish. Love, love, love!

I also roamed the internet checking out Nostalgia Chick's movie reviews and stumbling on sites. Here area few of the sites and blog that made me feel better during my coma...





*WISH OF THE DAY* Stop the face hurting!

January 18, 2011

It puzzles me...

I kinda went overboard with buying puzzles lately. My mother-in-law is not helping either. She bought for my nephew's birthday this puzzle/3D theatre about the Three Little Pigs. It's a dollar store find but it's rather cool. She's a daycare woker, so she knows her kids tastes.
 Now i just need to assemble it all...
 On the other hand i  prefere to buy old vintage ones. I found this domino/puzzle game that you have to join the animal to it's call. The graphics make me go back on memory lane. Love it!
 But this one! I neve saw one like it. A gigantic wooden puzzle. There is twelve animals that are whole. It's marked from England. Marvelous! Cant wait to make it with the kids!!!

Now, what can be cooler than going in a magazine store, catching up on youre favorite art magazines and stumbling on a picture of one of your own performance. It rocks! This is my pink ass on the streets of Montreal! My day is done.
*WISH OF THE DAY* Get some order in all the stuff i buy, or i'll finish burried like a wild hoarder.

January 16, 2011

Around the waterhole

The toy i made for my nephew's birthday was a success! I'm always afraid they wont like the things i make for them. But they do! And they play with them a lot!!! I might not give enough credit to todays youth... They fished for a while. They could catch fishes, a shark or a boot (old nephew's sock). The boys LOVED it! I used leftover fabric my sister-in-law gave me from IKEA that as crabs and seaweeds on it. Everything can be put away in the waterhole(Fishes, pole and sock).

Sadly, my niece did'nt want to wear the tutu we found for her at value vilage for 5$(Bella Dancerella). She said "It hurt, it hurt, it hurt" until we got around to understand the tutu was to stiff and scratched her legs, now she is afraid of it. But i think the trauma wont last. : ) She is the the princess with the pea...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Craft some more!

January 12, 2011

My man is back! So we took the day off...

I got him back, so it was payback time! He left me all alone, so he had to ride me around to do some shopping. We got a huge bag of food for the rats, 12 rats do eat alot even if they're just babies. And then i thrifted with him, he also got excited about baby stuff and buying sofa cushions. I found some plastic crystals for cheap light fixtures, i'll be making a mobile out of those i think...

A few of the nice finds i did are these two toys (Goldielocks Blocks and wooden beads), i found this bronze indian head bank.
I also got this great gift from my sister, a quilt made by one of our friends that passed away last year of a Cancer. She had made it for her son when he was born and she passed it on to my sister for her three kids. Now she passes it on to me. It's, silk with an embroided bunny on it. Lovely! She gave me this hoodie with little duckies on the buttons. She knows i'm collecting with lots of hope! I go back to work tomorrow and get back in my working groove. But febuary is promissing to be a tough one! I have almost NO time off.

During the weekends i got contracts to animate and storytell at Ottawa's Winterlude. So when my week is over i go to Ottawa by train during that month.

*WISH OF THE DAY* Have no colds in febuary! PLEASE!!!