December 03, 2010

Winter and animals

Winter is apon us! In Montreal it just is a time of snow that turn to slush or rain! But for me it's a time when my pets are trying to get warm. I dont know if their is a tropical climate in Boston, but my Jack is always sunbathing in the pation light. He heat's up my feet at night, he's so warm !
I'm already having fun preapring arangements around the house for christmas. I think i'll go get Martha's last magazine for idea's.
But i cant stop noticing that me and my husband are having problems keeping legs on our animals : living and ceramic made... - Our mariage boston
- A super swap gift that HE amputated(an accident???)
Our canari , that we renamed from Sing Sing to Stump. He had a nasty infection in is leg, we thought he would die, but guess what he survived the loss of is leg. In the bird world that makes him Shwartzenegger strong! Bless him! He also like th carrot pâté so much he as now gone from pure yellow to marbelled orange.
*Wish of the day* Be crafty and get at least one project finished!

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  1. Enfin de retour!!!!On t'attendait tous!bise!