December 04, 2010

Christmas, love and crafts!

Christmas is around the corner!!! So after breakefast with the family, it started snowing hard! So since it's my last chance of closing up the courtyard, me and Jack went to do everything outside that needed to be finished for the winter. But guess who played in shallow snow and got icky smelly of poo???
A good shower and we started doing some decoration inside the house.
Still aint perfect yet, bu we are not yet decided if we'll put up a tree this year or just do some wreath or assemblage around the house... Or some settings with themes...
Or tons of christmas bowls of balls...
I'll have to do a lot of crafting for my pleasure...YEAHHH!
My last project in the making is a traditional bandolier bag that looks a little like this one.
Here is the beadwork that i already finished. I decided not to do the raised beadworks, but to use the crouched one, it last longer. And since i am beading in front of th TV every evening... My husband says that he never thought he'd meet people that liked to use tiny needles to thread tiny beads. He still goes crazy when he finds beads in the crack of the couch. Beats smarties if you ask me!!!!
*WISH OF THE DAY* On the seventh day she rested!

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