December 27, 2010

Christmas is over!!

Another year with Christmas passing over faster than you can say Bahumbug! God i wish i could see the season go slowly as when i was my niece and nephew's age...

We kinda just had made a small gift exchange for the adults. I got frames and a terrific antique shaing mirror from my brother-in-law. But i had more fun seeing the kids open their's. They jumped on me and opened my present without asking when Santa put it in my arms. I figured that if i did'nt move they would let me live...
I also received from my father-in-law a super cool beaver skull! He said people at is job did'nt believe that is son's wife REAALLLLY wanted to get a beaver skull for x-mass. Oh yes! Was i happy to get it! My husband made me one of my favorite treats in the universe : Sugar flavored with vanilla beans!
He's so sweet! He went out to get the beans just to do it for me! I love him!
I remember feeling, as a kid,  that Christmas was soooo far away! But is till get to enjoy the excitement threw them. They made my night on the 24th! Love them!!!!

*WISH OF THE DAY* That next year i get to buy gift for my own kid ; )

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