December 23, 2010

Baby rats, baby humans and still thriffting for Christmas!!!

We thought we had just purchased a new fat rat. No! She was preggers!!! We had 11 cuteness on december 17th. My sister's (BÉ)birthday!!! Son in her honour, we'll name them B1, B2, B3... Sadly, one of the baby did'nt make it through the night. But i'm still buzzing around the others in hope thy'll get bigger. I know people are'nt crazy about haireless rats, but i cant stop loving them. It's the only animal that as never bitten or hurt me. So, hail all rats!
Christmas is also about friends and human kids. So we got together with our friend Louise and her bor Felix and made tons of homemade cookies! I'm particularly proud of "My friend Willy" cookie i made her, complete with a little Jessie on the back.
The day before we went to the McCord Museum to visit an exhibition on toys that was super! We got to play around and the exhibit was fun for young kids.
Felix was so terrified by the puppets, but in less than an hour he understood how they worked and all was good in Toyland!
Even if i had promised to stop buying thrifted items for Christmas, i sill got to go to the Salvation Army and found vintage lights and a old wired Santa.
Still, since it only costed me 1,50$, i dont think it counts...

*WISH OF THE DAY* Stop spending before Christmas, since i have all i need.

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