February 21, 2010

Thank goodness for kidz!

If there is one thing i love in this world, it's my kid brother, my nieces and nephews. Children, i cant wait to have my own! My sister gave birth on febuary 12th, and i got to babysit for her during that weekend. We did lots of arts and crafts! My sister gave me the idea of using 2L. coke bottle for a game of bowling. We decorated our pins and played, the kids loved it for ten minutes and then had more fun hitting each other in the head with the pins. Hilarious!!!
Babysitting gave me a break from my work ,i have to finish a lot of crafts for a performance i'm making in march. One good reason i have'nt been here lately, but it's all worth it.
WISH OF THE DAY : Go to the gym today...

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