December 06, 2009

Happy Birthday B !!!

My biatche of a sister just got her big 3-0! Welcome in tha club! We where busy all week long getting the surprise ready. She never gets a decent party since she's close to Christmas, so to surprise her, we threw it two weeks earlier. She got surprised! The theme was pirate, so it did'nt change her natural looks. Notice the moustache, it's really hers...
My week was full of fun and weird moments.
Weird : My rat looks like an alien
Fun : I found a cardboard nativity set
Weird : The figures are glued on !?!
Weird : This is a diaper cover in wool ... It shrunk in the machine and it's worth a fortune
Fun : My friend asked me to tranform two of those into hat and mittens for the baby... Still weird.
Fun : Found also these test tubes with holes on the cork
Weird : They where full of wool samples... Who does that? Still i got lucky and they where not broken, so the tubes are becoming icicle and the wool is becoming pompoms for a christmas tree!

WISH OF THE DAY : Leave some crafting for later this week and concentrate on writting stories!

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