November 21, 2009

Twilight sighting, disco bowling and wedding date!!!

Yesterday, I was running around town with my baby brother and guess what?!? Twilight sighting in Montreal! I was waiting on a stoop and I got to see Marcus (aka : Christopher Hayerdahl). I look kinda geeky asking him "if he was the guy in Twilight". But he was nice answering back that yes he was. It kinda was a big night, since it was my sister in-law's birthday and we went to disco bowling wich was pretty cool. My arms hurts today. But the best of that day, was that we chose our wedding date. It has been a year on the 17th that we've been fiancéed. So on July 30th we are getting married!!! We where supposed to elope to Hawaii this summer, but we kinda noticed that our families really wanted to be part of it all. So we'll be doing two ceremonies. A civil garden party wedding and a private justthetwoofus beach wedding.

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