November 27, 2009

Thifting! And horrible cuteness (sigh*)

It's fantastic what 20$ can get you when thrifting around. I know i said i would stop buying materials and craft stuff. But i cant. Ribbons, laces and doilies are porno for the soul! But i did manage to stop buying new materials, i stick to the thrifted kind.I also got to say in my defense, that we are on our way to preparing our wedding, and we are sticking to a lot of crafting for decorations and centerpieces. Our theme is a camping garden-party! We'll have kitsch and good taste clashing, like ballet and mexican wrestling!
Talking of porno of the soul... Me and my futur husband (so good to the ear!!!) we where discussing how the hell our pets got to take such a big place in our daily lives. I was running around our pics and i found the answer. Enjoy!

WISH OF THE DAY : Sort pictures of last 4 years! And print some.

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