November 07, 2009

Swine flu survivor!

Finally, my boyfriend DID have the swine flu, we had to go in a hurry to the hospital, and they told us it was definately it. I, on the other hand only had a bad cold. They told me to just pass threw it. We've been quarantined for the week and could'nt get to see our family. He got threw it ok, he's better now, but he still get's tired kickly. It gave us time to do some cleaning. My workspace was a mess, got around to clean it up and do some inventory. How much ribbons does a girl need!
Since I'm not contagious, I got to go thrifting a bit. Got this great bag for 4$!!! I was looking for this type of messanger bag, with lots of space. The cheapest I got across was 80$. It's a 76$ rebate!!!
Our new pet rats are getting along fine! Here is Ghengis and Mariouche. MIA : Dexter(been catching up with season 3 this week, so i got inspired for the name). Rats are way better pets than hamster and gerbils. First, they dont bite and are super social. They dont smell like mices. Go RATS!

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