November 02, 2009

Filming, simili-swine flu and vacations!

I'm finally home and starting to feel good again! My two weeks of filming went well, except on the last 4 days, the air was so dry and hot in the studio that my throat started hurting.

So it's been two weeks I've come back, but fighting of my bug was so straining, that I did minimal tasks in my workday (and oh yes, i had to go to work). My honey, on the other side, also got a cold, but not same as mine. Both where so violent,we thought we had the swine flu, just to be told by the doctor it was a very bad cold. I was the lucky one, my symptoms all stayed in the throat, as my boyfriend got it in the lungs. I can now sing like Janis Joplin!

In any case, I am now back and human again!!! Getting pampered on set was so cool! Of course it was not hollywood, but I got to get make-upped and coiffed every mornings. Still stayed at the Four Points with the pool-spa, but had to work long days and missed my family a lot...
It's been a month and a half since my dad passed away, and it get's really hard sometimes. But i am writting brand new stories all about or inspired by him. I hope to get a show out of it, about pirates, natives and booty ; )

The garden is closing for the winter, so I'm getting a vacation = crafting time!!!!

WISH OF THE DAY : Writting one good story before next monday

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