September 09, 2009


I love whimsies. They are fun to do and give a spectacular result. All day it's been calm in the garden, so i had a chance of continuing with the one I had started. Except for the beads, all the materials are recycled or repurposed. The felt was a giveaway, the person who gave it to, me was going to throw it away. The turquoise in the middle, was also a gift. The giver found the earrings to big for herself. So i ripped the clip off and beaded down the stone. I also used a beading technique that raises the work.

It's an old tradition of beadwork, that was used to sell crafts to tourists. It often helped the family survive.

Beadworking is a craft that has it's importance in lots of First Nations cultures. Here you can see my collegue Claudia, working it. She's a newbie beader, but she so gifted! She helped me out with the hairpiece on the desk. Ipersonally cant stop beading, i think it could really kill me if i did. Really...

WISH OF THE DAY : Get my house cleaning done before tomorrow afternoon. Big visit coming over.

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