September 30, 2009

''Fields of dream'' or ''How to make a good apple pie''

WARNING: All that you are about to read was written by a hatetocookbutlovetoeat person after experiencing last sunday an outing with her lovetocookandgreatatit boyfriend. Some graphic violence involving apples may occure.

Here are the steps to making delicious apple pies:

First step, get to the orchard and pick 20lbs of fresh apples. Rain or shine!
Of course you pet the goat.

As you go, choose a pumkin ou squash.Check freshness with your dog or other reliable pet. Then start cooking!

Get into an argument with your fiancée over the pie crust texture. Win that argument.

Prepare the sugar that goes in with the apples.

Lick the mixer's. Not when spinning!!!

Break n.1

Stab the apples to be sure they are dead.
When your conscience is clear, peel the apples.
Make a visit to the compost.
Break n.2
Curse as you try to do the plaiting on top of your pie and let the last one topless, since you are going to kill someone!

Enjoy fresh squash soup.

Testing of the pies.Somebody get me a spoon...

Perfect crust and sweet smell. Get closer, you might be lucky enough to smell it.

Tired, but happy to be finished with cooking! Happily enough we are still together.

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