September 07, 2009

Au festin de Babette

Why such a serious face? Because we are in pure bliss, with our ice cream from Festin de Babette! My love had a cone, and I had a moka milkshake. Delish! We where a little bummed by the fact that they had changed their menu. Our favourites : Litchi and pear sorbet where taken off the board, but it still cool to go there.

The inside and outside reflects the goodness of the ice cream (Miskumi in Innu).

I found it hard not to be sad, after visiting my dad in the hospital, but a ice cream break was good for me. It made me feel real good,

We walked around on St-Denis, found a miniature cookie toll, cutter, pastry roller, pie plates... I'm going crazy on collecting toys and books for the children i dont have yet. I think it's my leftover willpower that prevent me from playing with the toys. Hmmmm toys....

WISH OF THE DAY : Getting my rabbit plush ready for my friend Louise's baby shower.

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