August 31, 2009

The perfect picture!

I started my day, with the idea of taking the perfect picture... Ok, it might be a little exagerated. But it's kinda cool that people would come together over time and form a wall of colour on a opened gash in Montreal's metro station. Guess wich one... I also got a couple shots of plants and nature, but this one marked me the most.
When you study art on the university level, it kind of changes your mind about what is art, how you can evaluate it's value and mostly how you can have other person understand it.

I went in art to paint, draw and do watercolour(wich was not my forte). Now i fall in love with walls of gum. God i love my life!

People might think it's gross, but i cant help but remember that a can of poo sold for a couple thousand bucks - PIERO MANZONI

WISH OF THE DAY : Reach an upper level of conciousness ... Naaahhhh! Just wish i could get my metro pass without waiting three hours in line! *super granted!*

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