August 19, 2009

I had to buy this!

I know i made a promise to myself that this year i would buy mostly used or thrifted material, but i needed felt pens, and God knows you cant buy those used. So i went to a craft supply store and bought felt pens for 99 cents... and scrapbooking paper... and a virgin rubber stamp... and felt balls! And you know you can never have to many felt balls! I stopped at that, but i could have gone on and on with my bad self.

One purchase i DONT regret is my future baby's(the one i will have in the next two years or less) first bio bag by Les Fées Mères, i got to choose the veggies to put inside the beautifull bag i bought. I took a beet, an eggplant, a potato, a carrot and a salad/cabadge. It's made of bio or recycled materials. Love it, love it, love it! I found it soooo cute i had to get it even if i aint expecting. It was during la TOHU's eco-responsible fair, in wich i was giving a workshop about native foods, games and legends.

Today, i started a fabric book made of recycled and reused materials, i'm only in the process of preparing the materials, but as i go on, i'll post pictures. It represents a old legend about Wolverine and the Skunk.


Finish my pirate flag soon

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