August 25, 2009

Buttons and jars

Why does anything and everything look cool in a jar? Floss, beads, candies, pompoms, severed fingers... But most of all buttons! This is why i just popped a vein, when i came across THIS blog.

I think, that any craftmaker on the planet, has at least obsessed once on granny's button stash. I did. I have always been lucky to meet people who give me their old stuff, 'cause i reuse a lot. Buttons i receive a lot of those. Lots of vintage one's, so big you wonder what they where used for. Each time i received a button box, it felt like the person gave me money, you want to treasure it.

When talking of treasuring, i also think of wool, that is laying in a top drawer, i got to sort it! That, and all the rest of my crafting material. I got to make an inventorie, if i wish to be able to give workshop this fall.

WISH OF THE DAY : Finish illustrating my fabric book

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